Sponsors for Poojas, Mahaprasad and Flowers are welcome

When Day Time Service Name
Every Monday 7:00 pm Shiva Abhishekam
Every Tuesday 10:30 am Nagaraja Abhishekam
Every Tuesday 7:00 pm Subrahmanya Abhishekam
Every Thursday 10:00 am Sri Sadguru Sai baba Abhishekam
Every 2nd Thursday 7:00 pm Sri Guru Raghavendra Pooja
Every 4th Thursday 7:00 pm Sri Sadguru Sai Pooja
Every 4th Friday 10:00 am Sri Mahalaxmim Abhishekam
Every Friday 10:00 am Sri Mahalaxmim Abhishekam
Every Saturday 10:30 am Sri Satyanarayan Abhishekam
Every Saturday 5:00 pm Navagriha Abhishekam
Every Saturday 6:30 pm Sri Panchamukhi Anjaneya Abhishekam
Every Sunday 10:30 am Sri Ganesha Abhishekam
Every Sunday 4:30 pm Rahu Kala Durga Pooja

Baba Arathi Timings

Monday to Friday:

Kakad Arti (Morning Arti) : 9-30am
Madhyana Arti : 11-00 am
Dhoop Arti : 6-30 pm
Sheij Arti : 8-30 pm


Kakad Arti (Morning Arti): 9-30am
Madhyana Arti : 12-00 noon
Dhoop Arti : 6-00 pm
Sheij Arti : 8-30pm

For more information please call : 813-962-6890